lives and works in Seoul, South Korea


artist statement:

My artistic endeavor seeks to explore the possibilities of a new kind of subjectivity, even amidst the prevalence of the 'fake', aiming to rediscover a sense of indigeneity. This pursuit resembles the fragile attempt of an unidentified plant striving to take root over a landscape of junk space.

The main aim of the work is to create a space where fixed idea of subjects perish, through devices and materials that enable smelling and hearing rather than seeing.

Mindful of Walter Benjamin's notion of ‘technik’ as the molder of each era's spirit and material conditions, my work often employs dismantled electrical signal patterns from black boxes or obscene machines, algorithms manifested in material form, and pulverized old audio-visual materials as its medium.

Also, a meta-critical consciousness of art is always with me. In particular, my skepticism of the consumption-driven and wasteful medium of the exhibition has led me to be interested in and try to apply interdisciplinary practices.

제닌기는 작업을 통해 새로운 종류의 주체성의 가능성, 심지어 ‘가짜’에 둘러싸여 있을 때도 토착의 감각을 회복할 방법들을 찾으려 한다. 그것은 마치 위태로운 정체불명의 식물이 정크스페이스 위에 뿌리 내리려는 모양과 흡사하다.

보이게 하는 것 보다는 냄새 맡을 수 있게, 들리게 하는 장치들과 재료들을 통해  고정된 주체의 개념이 죽는 공간을 만드는 것이 작업의 주된 지향점이다.

근대 이후 각 당대 정신과 유물론적 조건을 주조하는 발터 벤야민의 기술technik이라는 개념을 의식하면서, 블랙박스나 음란한 기계를 해체해 꺼낸 전기 신호 패턴, 물질로 발현한 알고리즘, 오래된 시청각적 자료를 가루낸 것 등을 작업의 재료로 삼곤 한다. 

또한  미술에 대한 메타적인 비판 의식은 항상 나와 함께한다. 특히 소비 중심적이며 낭비가 심한 전시라는 매체에 대한 회의로 인해 타-학제에서 이루어지는 실천들에 관심을 갖고 적용해보려 시도하고 있다.


Solo Exhibitions


  - Cross-Eyed x Stepmother, 17717, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions


  -  Forking Room 2022: Canary in the Synthetisphere. Post Territory Ujeongguk. Seoul,



   -  The Will of the Material: Dialogue in the Garden, Blume Museum of Contemporary Art, Paju, Gyeong-gi, Korea


  - Ecological Sense, Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, Korea

  - Manifesto Party: Feminist Blueprint, BOSTOK X Space Gonggongyeonhui 


  - An Illustrated Book of Plants: The Flora and Its Poetic Evidences, The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA Seoul), Digital Archive, Seoul, Korea. (*participated as Jee Won Kim)

  - Recursive Relationship (Young & Young Artist Project 3), Youngeun Museum, Kwangju, Korea (*participated as Zi Won Ghim)

Performances and workshops


  - Chulpudeok Feminism: Talk & Activity, planned and held event as artist collective Lab B, Alternative Space LOOP, Seoul, Korea


  - Drifting Body (Lecture Performance and Talk, collaborated with Hejin Jang and Ziyea Hyun), Seoul National University Museum of Art (MOA) Lecture Hall, Seoul, Korea (*participated as Jee Won Kim)



  - K’arts Residency, Korea National University of Arts, School of Visual Arts 


  - School of Visual Arts Summer Residency: ‘Installation, Sculpture, and New Media’ and ‘From the Laboratory to the Studio: Interdisciplinary Practices in Bio Art,’ New York, USA. (*participated as Jee Won Kim)