Venue: 17717

Exhibition period: Wed 2019. 12.4 –Tue 12.17

Poster Design: An Mano

< Cross-Eyed x Stepmother> is about the condition of human subjetivity in today’s

world under massive technological change. Both bodily and societal sense of

human is increasingly degraded due to data, infrastructure, and networks overflow

and subsume our current society. Here, that condition is represented as various

vision conditions where the image point disperses or clouds. And this representation

is at odds with another narrative setting: realization of one’s long considered

biological mother as stepmother. While criticizing today’s condition, the artist

explores this methodology of arranging colliding materials and expects the affectual

result that is contrast to one produced by current system.

1 <Untitled (Cross-Eyed #1)>. indoor fountains, water, LED light projector, plastic water plant, mp3,

waterproof speaker, digital sound. approx. 80x 55x 70 cm. 2019.

2 <Untitled (Astigmatism #1)>. iphones, furniture drawers, 6 channel video. approx. 50x 20x 50 cm. 2019.

3 <Untitled (Cataract #1 )>. acrylic plexi glass, distortion film sheets, plastic fruits and cakes, plastic flowers, beads, vase, ceramic food stands, silk fabric, silk thread. approx. 140x150x 70. 2019.

4 <Untitled (OTHER)>. mirror, cctv camera lens, beads, electric cables. 40x110x7 cm. 2019.

* The exhibition is accompanied by scent from COTY airspun loose powder and Serge Lutens ‘L’orpheline’